Avoiding the raptors

3 11 2008

Running in the evening was clearly not going to work for me…just grim. I also find myself stuck in traffic every morning on the way to work. The obvious solution for me is to try and run in the morning and go in a bit later and by doing so change my working hours slightly to work until later. A win win situation ? We will see.

There are “issues” though.

I do tend to like my bed in the morning (see bear pictures down the page to get the idea). I also am a bit delicate and vulnerable once I do get up. A bowl of cheerios is about all I can usually manage to eat. The thought of anything heavier in the morning makes me want to retch at that time of day. I have retched on toothpaste for goodness sake ! Yes I am as delicate as they come in the morning. As delicate as a butterfly.

Could this delicate thing risk going out in the morning ?

My new routine got off to a “great” start with me almost falling over whilst doing my stretches. Is one bowl of cheerios really going to do it for me ? The vultures will be waiting after today’s performance.

However, I can’t complain about today overall. This was again a beautiful crisp sunny morning and great to be active !

Another 5.5 kms under my belt and I am now running for Salina.




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