Trick or treat ?

31 10 2008

We are visiting my mother-in-law, Renate at the moment and so I had the opportunity to run in fairly unfamiliar surroundings in “leafy” Surrey. A pretty but much more densely populated part of the country within an easy commute of London.

I always plan my run before I set off which involves mapping out the distance on a google style map. I can then accurately log my progress on the map to Madrid. At home planning my run is quite straight forward as there are relatively few roads and I am fairly familiar with how places link together. Planning a simple route here was a lot more involved as there are roads crisscrossing my google map everywhere. With this in mind and to avoid getting completely lost I made a simple loop following the Basingstoke canal and one main road.

I had just 1 more km to run for my mother-in-law so it seemed entirely appropriate to run it here. I didn’t give her the pleasure of seeing me suffer but she did kindly wash my kit afterwards and so would have got a sense of the torture I put myself through from just the smell !

My run was to be around 8 miles in distance. A little less than last Saturday. I decided for once to listen to my body as my mobility last Saturday after my 11 mile run left a lot to be desired.

The run along the canal was very scenic with the trees full of leaves of varying shades of green, brown and gold. There was a lovely blue sky and this contrasted with the crispness of the air. I love Winter/Autumn days like this they are such a bonus after all the grey.

I’m sorry to say though that despite the conditions my body did not rise to the challenge. Plod plod plod. None of those good moments today when you feel you are moving quickly and effortlessly. 

The bonus of my run though was that my wife joined me 4 miles into the run for a mile or so. That was nice.  She has hopes of running more seriously in the future too but seems to be plagued with back injuries.

 I was surprised by how quiet the towpath was. It is quite a strange sensation running along a ribbon of quiet countryside only to find you have passed underneath the often congested M25 motorway encircling London. 

We once saw a Kingfisher from the very same path. However, it was not to be today. The only wildlife was ducks and noisy ones at that. One duck in particular gave me a bit of a fright when I was daydreaming about food. It must have known that “le canard” served in its own “jus” is one of my favourite dishes. The French have discovered a way of squeezing a  whole duck into a tin barely larger than a plate. Delicious.

On arriving “home” I rang the doorbell and wobbled in. I am only a month into my serious running but I do have some concerns about my form over the last week or so.  I must improve.

I want to run Madrid with my head held high in style with senoritas cheering me all the way. Well we can always dream can’t we ?

Celebrating after the marathon

Celebrating after the marathon




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3 11 2008

I hope that the senorita in the picture is not meant to be Oma!

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