28 10 2008

Snow today. What happened to Autumn ?  It seems that the weather is becoming as chaotic as the economy.

It wasn’t easy dragging myself out tonight. My first run in the dark was to be at a temperature of 1 degree celsius. I was shocked to see blizzard conditions out of my office window for a spell this afternoon and this is a place which rarely sees the white stuff. On the positive side at least the snow did not stick and the insect swallowing problems are now going to be a distant memory. Thank goodness I ordered warmer kit when I did.

A short run of four miles or so tonight along busy, well lit roads with pavements. Not my cup of tea at all. I took it easy as the pavements are full of wet leaves and quite treacherous. I think I have now started the long Winter grind.

My main aim over the Winter is to stay fit and injury free and hopefully get a half-marathon under my belt in the New Year. This is not terribly compatible with my usual instincts of basically staying cosy and warm over the Winter.

I expect as the Winter progresses my kit will become less practical and more and more comforting. If I can run with a hydration system attached to a belt is there anything to stop me replacing this with a hot water bottle ? Could I put fur lining inside my trainers ?

Lovely cosy thoughts.




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