Look at me !

22 10 2008

When I go to bed each night especially at the weekend I can still hear our two year old son saying the words “look… look at me”. Well tonight it was time to look at me. My Autumn running gear has arrived which included loads of high visibility items. A running jacket, two pairs of tracksters, two long sleeved running tops and a high visibility bib. I was really impressed with my purchases as I felt I hadn’t spent loads.

Everything is so hi-tech these days.

This is what I wore tonight and I quote directly from the catalogue:

“A Day Glo long sleeve top with…wait for it…fast moisture transportation”

It begs the question as to where my moisture is being transported to. What moisture is it referring to ? Do they mean my sweat ? Transportation almost sounds as though lorry loads of the stuff are being carted away. Not me – I hardly sweat at all. As I keep reminding my wife I went around the tropical zone biosphere at the Eden project wearing a fleece and not a bead of sweat appeared. (I can see her eyebrows lifting as she reads this.) I suspect Madrid might be different.

I also wore my moisture wicking running pant with stirrups and inner key pocket. Crikey, I didn’t know there was an inner key pocket ! I’m glad I read that again now. It must be really discreet. Hope the moisture doesn’t all go into that pocket or the key will be washed out.

Well joking apart it was a pleasure wearing the kit and it certainly did feel nice and much warmer than a t-shirt and shorts…and probably a lot safer too.

Ran a nice steady 7 kms or so (4.4 miles) this evening and have now reached Knutsford on my virtual map. I was pleased as I had enough left in my legs to sprint the last bit. I hope none of the neighbours were watching !!




One response

22 10 2008

Will you EVER stop repeating that Eden project not sweating scenario…? I’ll see what you’re like if we ever manage a Japan trip in summer…. 🙂

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