A run of two halves (and the fishcakes)

15 10 2008

I have been injured by mosquitos over the last few days as unfortunately my ankles (or should I say trotters) swelled up after being nibbled on Sunday afternoon. So no running for me until today.

I was a bit silly as I didn’t really eat much lunch at work and when I arrived home was beginning to feel light headed. Probably idiotic to go for a run tonight I thought… but aha… my two sons had not finished their supper and daddy was about to take advantage. Fishcakes and a bit of a potato waffle. I pounced on the leftovers. It all went in the microwave and within 2 minutes I had hoovered it up. Great home cooking.

I got into my kit and the light headedness began to pass. It was a beautiful crisp evening with a full moon so too good an opportunity to miss.

I just thought I would do another 5km or so and take my time. Just get round. Nice and steady does it … I don’t want to faint or anything. Within 1km or so I had a stitch and was beginning to regret my greedy binge. Then I got to Brook Lane. Now I know why it gets that name. Strangely the unadopted road I run along, Wood Lane was flooded at the Brook Lane junction. I had to stop and go around the grass verge (grannies came into my mind – see earlier post). Things were not going well. I plodded on.

Finally I reached the lovely downhill run to the Boathouse Inn. I settled a bit more into a nice slow but steady pace. Then I felt it. I can’t put my finger on it – just a surge of energy came. It took me a few moments to work it out and then the penny dropped. The fishcakes it must be the fishcakes !!

I began to accelerate down towards the Boathouse Inn. Some drinkers were leaving the pub. As I drew level with them they were murmuring to each other in respectful tones and nodding. I just caught a word … “fishcakes”. They had noticed too. I nodded back at them knowingly.

This was wonderful I haven’t run like this since I was a teen. The front at Parkgate is not a quiet place even during a cool Autumn evening. I noticed a change. I no longer saw pity in people’s eyes when they looked at me. I saw admiration and I kept hearing the same word over and over …”fishcakes”.

Then the mother of ideas came to me. I was approaching the Chinese fish and chip shop. Dare I ? … I might run like the Gods if I was to pop in and “top up” ? No. I must not. I will save that one for another day. Parkgate is not quite ready yet.

I flew towards home and in the distance I saw a stranger in the dark. To my disbelief he shouted to me “Get a move on Robert”. It was my neighbour and one of my sponsors Barry. All I could muster was a “bl**dy hell… it’s you” such was my surprise. I was brought down to earth again with a bump.

A great run back though and you know what, I may have found my secret weapon !!!




One response

15 10 2008

I will disclose the secret of the fishcakes to the highest bidder… ! šŸ™‚

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