First run of over an hour

12 10 2008

Running for over an hour probably isn’t a big deal for long distance runners but I felt I reached a milestone today. It was unseasonally warm and I planned to run over 12k or nearly 8 miles for the first time. The longest distance I have tackled in recent history.

My plan was to do a loop around Parkgate and then follow the Wirral Way up to the deserted railway station at Hadlow Road in Willaston and back. The Wirral Way follows the now disused Hooton to West Kirby branch line.

I don’t seem to get on well with morning runs due to a complete lack of energy. We had also been woken at five in the morning by one of our young boys..great preparation ! I ate my boiled egg and soldiers, got kitted up and then set off at 8:45.

It was a glorious morning today. Blue skies and a distant mist shrouding the bottom half of the Welsh hills. If only I’d had a camera. My legs felt very heavy and so I settled into my slow endurance pace of around 9 minute miles. I was plagued with doubts as to whether I could keep going for 12k but you just have to plod on and get through it. Usually I feel comfortable at this pace but it was about 30 minutes into the run before I relaxed.

The best parts of the run were running through a deep cutting in the sandstone on the Wirral Way. The sandstone has many pick marks where it was hewn by hand. It is very cool and shady in the cutting but not one for the evening or quieter days. It was also great to meet a fellow runner who ran with me for a km or so as I approached Hadlow Road station. Hadlow Road station is now deserted but has been restored to a 1950’s working station with ticket office etc etc. I’m sure I’ll return with family when I have more energy !

Running back made me realise I had been going uphill and the huge energy boost from my boiled egg and soldiers started to take effect. I was running a lot faster and I just love running back home. Always a tonic when you are getting closer and closer to the end.

As I came off the Wirral Way close to home I was met by my two young boys and wife. Always a welcome sight wherever I am (unless I’m with my mistress…only joking !!) . The first 30kms of my “journey” are dedicated to wife not my mistress. lol

I can now say I’ve run for over an hour. Final time 1 hour 11 mins and it feels like it. Slow but I kept going and clocked up another 12 kms. I’m now on the M56 near Helsby…running the wrong way on my virtual map. Well I thought it would be more realistic… my next goal to reach the M6 on my map and south !




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