Geese, bats and telescopes.

9 10 2008

I didn’t think my run this evening would be so memorable. I am just getting over a cold (probably shouldn’t have run on Sunday) and so was a slightly nervous as to whether I would be ready to run. I’m glad I did. The great thing about running is getting out there and seeing things. Night time is closing in now and when I set off it was dusk.

I forget about nature being a pen pusher. The first thing I noticed was the approach of a hundred or so geese overhead. It was so silent down below and the noise they made was wonderful as they approached the River Dee and the marshes. I was then jogging down the hill to the Boathouse Inn in Parkgate when I noticed a bat flying around me….I might avoid running on halloween this year !

All went well and after arriving back at home, final part of my running routine is to take a drink from a local spring which is a couple of minutes away on the edge of the marsh. As I approached a big dog appeared from nowhere. “Here we go ” I thought. I must have looked like a massive bone to him and the smell well …. mmmm… Would you believe it there were two stargazers with a telescope sat on the edge of the marsh. We had a brief chat about what they could see (hardly anything just clouds) whilst Rottweiler licked its lips expectantly. No runner today Fido !!

As far as the run is concerned I have made a start at last and feel so much better after having received fantastic support from many of my friends and clients. Thank you everyone who has donated or pledged money so far. The ball is in my court.




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