A Week to go until blast off !

28 09 2008

Out for my “long” run today…still only 9 km but enough for my legs. Amazing the number of “good mornings” you get. Did a new undulating route as a jog and ended up running along roads, footpaths across fields, cobbles and along the top of a golf course finishing with a prom run. Parkgate has a bizarre promenade. The tide rarely comes in and we are left with marshland…hence lots of mozzies and bugs. Didn’t eat any today but if I do lose any further weight may consider running like a basking shark.

No change in blood blister. Can you use slugs like leeches ? Will have to check that out.

Now finally beginning to ask for donations but just enough to get me started as I need a steady stream to keep coming in. Started looking into getting some Moo cards printed …whole new world this.


My first 10k

25 09 2008

On Sunday I completed my first 10k run in under 53 minutes in Hoylake. A brilliant event and all for a good cause “The Wednesday Special Needs Club” in Hoylake. http://www.wsnc.co.uk

I have been training hard to get some miles into my legs for the start of my challenge as I may need to average around 15-20 miles a week which, for a fairly inexperienced runner, is beginning to look a bit daunting. I am averaging 10-12 miles a week at the moment so I need to keep training.
Have my first blood blister, a small one fortunately. I suppose this will be par for the course now.

Went out for my first training run since the 10k tonight approx 4 miles on undulating paths/ roads including the Wirral Way. Had to keep my head down to avoid swallowing too many mozzies – one of the pitfalls of running in Parkgate (mosquito heaven).

and there ends my very first blog post !!


Pulling away from the field (in my dreams)

Pulling away from the field (in my dreams)